The Face and the Voice of Time

2003 - 2006 Il Volto e la Voce del Tempo
"The Face and the Voice of Time - a Cross Generation Bridge" is a project of active ageing which intends to promote the dialogue  and a deeper understanding between young and elderly people, by using photography and writing. 

Il Volto e la Voce del Tempo 2003 - 2006

This therapeutic photography initiative has been carried out, with great success, at an Italian level, for almost ten years. It's time it became European!
How does it work?
Elderly people portraits are shown to secondary school students. Each student is asked to choose the picture of an unknown old person and, inspired by the portrait, to write the old person's "imaginary biography".
The story composed by the student will be then read to portrayed old person, by a mediator.
After that, the young writer and the portrayed elderly person will meet and will then be able to get to know each other in a more comprehensive way.
The students will then write about the meeting and about the "real life" of the person whose biography they had previously invented.
The old portrayed people who take part in this project will also be stimulated to imagine and to write about the students.
The whole story will be feeding a site and a blog which will make it possible to follow the whole process online.